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Shakti, best astrologer, best psychic, Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga has more than 20 years of experience in helping people. She was born as a gifted child with exceptional abilities. Best astrologer Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga had great interest in spiritualism and philosophy. She was brilliant in studies and completed her MD degree. She started has own practice but fate had something else in mind. She got fascinated by the power of astrology. She learned it under the guidance of a guru. She soon mastered the art. She then learnt other related sciences as tarot and uses it to increase the efficacy. Deep meditation and regular prayers enhanced her psychic abilities.


She is now an expert in Horoscope Reading, Psychic Readings, Tarot Cards, Chakra Balancing, Black Magic Removal & to Bring Back Love. Shakti has unique ability to find out the root cause of problem and suggest easy solutions. Her clients get bowled over by her pleasing personality, soothing voice and exceptional patience in dealing with clients. Best Astrologer Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga has helped people from all over the world. She has clients from all over Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Italy, UAE, Africa and Asia. She has become World Famous as the Best Indian Astrologer & Best Indian Psychic. You could have the fortune of a personal consultation with best astrologer Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga in Toronto, Canada or a Phone / Skype consultation.


With all the multitudes of problems that we are facing in our daily life there’s no one to call upon. We feel quite isolated and alone in the whole world. This happens when our lives are not well-balanced. Likewise, we know that all the situations occurring in our lives are interlinked and have a deep impact upon each other. If one situation is not dealt with properly, things go bad on all fronts. Our life sustenance is not merely physically, but we also need mental and spiritual satisfaction. People tend to have lovers or friends to guide them in difficult situations. But if you do not have a dependable friend or a guide, then Shakti is there to help and guide you. She helps you in husband and wife problems, spouse separation crisis, financial problems, Divorce issues, partner cheating dilemmas, health issues and illnesses, black magic curse, evil spirits/negativity, not getting married at the right time. These problems may seem just as a one-case scenario. But such hazards become life threatening as they take out all joy from your life.Here’s the best spiritual guide to help you successfully put up with your life breaking problems. Now you can get all the solutions with our services. But in the end, don’t lose hope in God, as He’s the best of planners for you. Through celestial stars movement and God’s given astrological knowledge we will help you get to your entire desired destiny.

Black Magic Removal

Shakti, is a world famous astrologer for Black Magic Removal and protection. Anyone who has had the misfortune of seeing all things shattering in his life, with failure on all fronts, despite having ability, knowledge and expertise, would understand Black Magic.

What is Black Magic? It is the negative energy sent towards you by someone who is jealous of you. A person who wants your failure on all fronts. A person who could not see your progress. It could be anyone. It could be your friend, your relative, your husbands ex girlfriend or an colleague. Sometimes the person doing it could be the most unexpected. We share our successes and achievements with colleagues and friends. Nobody except your parents wants you to rise. They may get jealous and send bad feelings toward you. Someone from these could use the services of tantriks to cause Black Magic. This creates hurdles in your life. It is called by different names as Voodoo, Bad Luck, Evil Spirits and Hex Spells.

Now the question comes, how you can overcome it? Only Almighty God has the powers to cure you in both dimensions i.e. physical and spiritual. But a person having religious powers achieved by prayers and meditation could help you. Shakti could do Black Magic Removal and give you protection. She is the best astrologer in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga for Black Magic Removal and protection. Shakti has helped thousands of persons in Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, India, Middle East and Africa. So no need to worry. You can get the best help from her. She will pull you out of all the hard times that you’re facing. Shakti, the best astrologer in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga for Black Magic Removal and protection would get smile back on your face.

Bring Back Love

Have you lost your love or life partner? Your life is shattered and you are feeling depressed. Well, it is understandable.

If you have lost all hope of getting your love back, hope is only a phone call away. Shakti is the best astrologer in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga Canada for Bring Back Ex Spells. Best Love Psychic Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, will help you Bring Back Love for you.


You may have lost your love due to some misunderstanding, fight, external influence, bad luck, jealousy, Black Magic or any other factor. Shakti, the best astrologer in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga Canada will help you in casting Bring Back Ex Spells or Love Spells could help you get back your ex.,

Call Shakti at 647 770 0300 to change your life.


Court Cases

Are you struck in long term Court Cases?


Wish a court judgment to be in your favor?


Divorce, Property, Child custody, Accident, Refugee appeal, Jail related court cases going on.


You have reached a point where you feel totally dejected and lost.


You need someone to guide you with patience and sincerity.


You have come to the right place.


Pick up a phone and call now at  647 770 0300

Health Problems

Health is in fact our true wealth. You can earn wealth if you are healthy but you can’t buy health or long life with any amount of wealth. It is the pivot of our life. If it is present, then everything seems to be fascinating but when it is lost, then everything seems to be terrifying and intolerable. Many times we are worried of the worsening situation of our health and also more when some of family member or relative gets severely ill. Doctors are not always able to explain the symptoms. Sometimes all the tests come out to be normal and physician says that you have no diseases, but you know that you have a problem. How do you explain this? Well position of planets or bad energy sent towards you by Evil Spirits or Black Magic by a jealous person may be responsible. Call her to change your life.

Financial Trouble

Life is such that we are always pressed for money. We work hard to the best of our ability but the expenses rise even faster. Sometimes the reason is bad placement of planets in the horoscope. Unless we do something to stabilize them, all our efforts are wasted. Shakti could help you by doing prayers to stop the bad effects of planets. This could take you out of this trap.


Secondly this debt trap could be due to effect of black magic done by someone who is jealous of you or one who wants your bad. Shakti could help you by removing this black magic and bringing smile back to your life.

Childless Couple

Sometimes you have everything in life but for a child. This makes your life incomplete and devoid of happiness. You have taken all kind of medical treatments but of no benefit.


What could be the cause of your misfortune? For this Shakti analyzes your birth chart. She looks at the strength of fifth house in your as well as your spouse birth chart. The houses are evaluated for presence of planets, the aspects of planets, the strength of house lord, the dasha of both partners and the transit chart. By analyzing this and after doing astrological calculations, Shakti is able to make astrological prediction about having a child and also about when chances of getting a child are high. If there is some problems due to weak planets or bad infliction’s then she guides you about astrological remedies to counter them. She has helped thousands of persons all over the world by her unique abilities. It is no doubt that people label her as a messiah of childless couples.

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